Unity3d Expansion products removed from the Asset Store

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I have sent a request to have all my products removed from the Asset Store today. I do not agree with the politic of Unity Inc. about giving the possibility to preview and potentially rip all assets from inside the Unity’s editor. This upcoming feature with Unity v4 is not a good idea and confirm my doubts that not only Unity Inc. do not want to fight against piracy but indirectly is helping the pirates. Unity Inc. could very easily track the Assets back to the owner and disable  the accounts of the pirates but never did anything yet to protect our assets. With the possibility of previewing them  from inside the editor, this goes a step further, smart people (and there are many) knows how to rip these assets totally and it is an indirect way to give away all Assets from the Asset store without any protection whatsoever. I do not intent do give away my work through an unprotected store, and give %30 of my sales to a company that is not fighting piracy.

In consequence, I decided to remove all my assets from the Asset Store.

Customers who have purchased at the Asset Store can have support and updates by sending a proof of purchase here: http://www.unity3dx.com/about/. Just open a ticket and give your email with a copy of your Asset Store purchase and I will enable you as a Unity3dx.com customer with all benefits and updates.

I have another project that will be soon be revealed that will open a new interesting way to purchase assets for games, not only for Unity. But this is another story. 

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